2/7/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I remained moderately productive.  I finished out my Spanish homework and took a Spanish exam.  I don’t think I did well on the Spanish exam, which was quite disappointing.

I also spent some time going through an old hard drive, where I found my old amateur radio lectures.  The lectures on there are far better than the ones I was planning on presenting, so I’ve been cleaning those up.  They include content from both the Technician and General class licenses, and are much better organized than the ones I was making up for this semester, so I just have to update them for the new question pools.  I haven’t taught the course in around six years, even though I felt like I taught it not too long ago.

Joey and I did some reloading.  I feel like my shop is always a total disaster- I got my Lyman case trimmer up and running, only to strip the screw that adjusts the trim depth. I can trim .243’s like a beast, but nothing else.

I also did some yard work and house work.   I did most of the cooking for the week, and then I made salon and green beans for a nice family dinner.

Thank you for reading my post.


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