2/6/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I worked around the house quite a bit.  I think I folded five loads of laundry.  I found a missing clipboard for JoAnna, as well as my missing headphones.  I never did find my external hard drive cable, or the Stamp II board, which were the items that prompted the search.

I finished reading Gangland by Howard Blum.  It was, overall, a good book.  It gave the inside scoop on how the FBI was able to catch and convict John Gotti.  I enjoyed some of the technical details (how some of the hidden microphones) were installed, and some of the challenges.  However, some of their firearms descriptions were woefully inaccurate.  For example, almost nobody uses a 9mm revolver; a few do exist, but very few.  The cartridge does not conduct itself well to a revolver’s design, and for cheaper and more convenience, one could use a .38 Special revolver, or a 9mm pistol.  Also, putting a silencer on a revolver doesn’t work; there is too much escaping gas at the cylinder gap to silence a revolver.  Overall, however, it was a good book.

I also had my thermostat repaired yesterday.  As it turns out, we smoked the thermostat during the install, not the transformer on the furnace.  We have a new thermostat and it seems to be working perfectly at this time.  It’s nice to have heat in the whole house, as opposed to the spotty heat from electric heaters and the wood stove.  I like the wood stove, but I’m almost out of firewood.  Furthermore, I need to rearrange the TV room, as the TV was too close to it, and no longer works

In the evening, I went to a Landmark friend’s house and we played a board game that one of my group members created during one of our last programs.  We had a a potluck, and a good time.

I did some grocery shopping after the potluck (always best to shop AFTER you eat!) and then came home for the evening.

Thank you for reading my post.


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