1/31/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was amazingly hectic for no apparent reason.  We arrived att the house during the early morning hours from Arizona.   I slept in until 8, but then had to get up and drive my girlfriend back to her job, as we left her car there to go to Arizona.

I went for a run, but didn’t even make it a mile (I had not eaten anything of value in quite some time), did a little parkour, and then worked in my yard.  I repaired my grape arbor and pruned the grapes.

After that, I did some reloading.

I also sometime yesterday squeezed in a Spanish essay and a Spanish problem set.

In the evening, my girlfriend and I saw The Producers as a theatrical production at Popejoy theater. It was absoltely histerical, as could be expected from a Mel Brooks movie adapted into a play.

In the evening, I did some cooking and then we went to pick up Joey from the airport. Unfortunately, his plane was delayed until after 1 am, so I am currently running on like two hours of sleep.

Thank you for reading my post.


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