1/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first day back in the Albuquerque Public Schools.  I tutored at West Mesa HS, and then John Adams MS.  I may be going on a field trip with the high school kids next week, but we’ll see.

It was good to be back in the schools there as well.  Many of the kids were happy to see me.  I was surprised that the middle school kids were as happy as they were; I only worked with them for two or three Fridays, and I didn’t think I was relating to them at all.

I also worked on registering my truck, which won’t happen until the truck is physically in New Mexico, according to the MVD.

In the evening, I did some housework, some homework for English Literature and Spanish, and then worked with the TV a bit.  As it turns out, our TV is too close to the wood stove, and it no longer functions.  The case as a strange warp in it, that is probably due to heat.  I ran the stove really hot one night with lots of pinion firewood, and that may be why.  It was hot enough to be uncomfortable to open the stove with my thick gloves on.  Anyway, we’ll move the entertainment stand sometime this summer perhaps.  I’m not sure why it warped, but nothing else around, and even closer to the stove was damaged.  Much closer to the stove was a thick plastic bag used for bundling pine firewood, and it hadn’t deformed at all.   The TV just shows snow, and we can’t seem to get it to show anything from the DVD player.

Anyway, one last thing.  This is why I’m screened out of surveys:
why I get screened out of surveys2

Thank you for reading my post.



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