1/19/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustraing day.   I got locked out of my Banner account, so I could not email the students and let them know we had class (lab classes often start the second week of school).  I had my password reset; they gave me the paper and I left.  When I went to log in- it was someone else’s.  They had entered the wrong ID.  I had to go back and get them to reset my password instead.

I ended up canceling class.  I hate doing that, but it actually gave me the time to improve upon what I had planned to do, so hopefully, next week’s lab will be even better.

I tutored at Magdalena and knocked out an assignment for my literature class as well.  The literature course is going to be challenging, not because of the volume of reading, but because of the language used in the reading.

Thank you for reading my post.


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