1/10/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a big blur. I woke up later than I wanted to, but then went into productive/spending money mode. My first affair was changing the battery on the Malibu, which I did, after two stops and $112. I then stopped at Albertson’s and picked up salt for our water softener, $56 later.

I ran into one of my former students at Albertson’s and chatted with her for a while. Unfortunately, she is out of work and looking for a job, too. The low gas prices have taken their toll on the chemical engineering students.

After that, I installed the battery in the Malibu and then drove to Whole Foods, to buy some groceries. I returned with one gross of eggs and a backseat full of firewood.

I unloaded all of these things and then we drove to Santa Fe for the evening, as my girlfriend’s friend had invited us to dinner.

Dinner was great; I met quite a few new people and toured their million dollar home, which I’d never imagined myself being in a million dollar home.

In the late evening, we came home and bundled up for bed, as it was around 20 F when we arrived.

Thank you for reading my post.


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