1/8/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was an expensive, but productive day. I started out the morning by meeting with a plumber and a heating and cooling technician. The heating and cooling technician couldn’t find anything wrong with my thermostat, but he did reposition it for free. We had it mounted vertically, and he moved it to a horizontal orientation, and so hopefully that fixes the problem with it randomly resetting.

The plumber had good news and bad news. Only one pipe froze and burst, but it was the housing for the mixing cartridge in the shower. They are pressure balanced so that the cold water pressure and hot water pressure must be equal. Therefore, a crack in one side causes both sides to have low pressure. $643 later, and a hole in the wall behind the stove, and we have a working shower again.

I set up a power supply for my amateur radio equipment. I needed to crimp some connectors onto the wires and move the power cord, both of which were completed.

I also cleaned off my reloading bench and will start reloading again soon.

I read the December 2015 issue of Modern Casting. My favorite article was,”Lodge’s Recipe for Growth,” by Shannon Wetzel. This article discussed the growth of the Lodge Cast Iron Skillet foundry, and how they have increased in spite of the bad economy.

In the afternoon, I posted on my Ghost Towns blog about the Eagle and Phenix Mills in Columbus, GA. This was a large cotton mill around the time of the Civil War, and now, it is condos.

My girlfriend has also determined through a few months of homeopathic techniques that she is no longer allergic to dogs. What this means is that Dog-Dog can now run around the house. He was super excited about this, so much so that he wore himself out and slept in front of the wood stove.

In the evening, we had dinner together: hamburgers, tomato slices, green chile, asparagus, and a bunch of teas and hot chocolate. It was nice to just stop everything and have a meal together, so this will become our Friday evening tradition.

Also, here is a photo of Abe, the cat (actually taken this morning, but you get the idea):

Thank you for reading my post.


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