Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Let’s reflect on 2015:

Family-wise, I was fortunate enough to visit my parents twice times this year, and they were able to visit me twice. I made a summer cross-country trip and got to my parents, as well as took my traditional Christmas trip. I visited my grandfather both of those trips as well.

On the Christmas trip, I got to see my cousins (Andy, Stephanie, and Jessica), two uncles (Kevin, Lex) and one aunt (Eunice) over Christmas as well. After Christmas, I saw my girlfriend’s family: her brother, sister-in-law, uncle, and aunt.
We also visited quite a few friends (Tiffany, Richard, Jessi, Kelly, Kathy, Anna Marie, and Reid).

We also had a new addition to the family, as my brother and his girlfriend had another boy at the end of September. He is doing well.

Friend-wise, I reconnected with a few old friends and made some new ones. I am still involved with Landmark Education since January, and have made a host of new friends there.

Weather-wise, I have been slowly increasing the quality of my weather posts, and recently learned that the local NWS office reads my blog. I passed several meteorology classes, including an A in Tropical Meteorology, and am cruising through my meteorology degree without too much difficulty. I had no customers with High Plains Tours, LLC, this year, but I did run into my old meteorology instructor on a storm chase. I went chasing a total of 9 days this past year. I tried my hand at forecasting snow and hurricanes, both of which I had never tried before.

Job-wise, I am doing well in all of my teaching and tutoring roles. However, being able to focus at NMT has made it all worthwhile. My class is better than it has been before, and I took over a larger role in Unit Operations as well. I mentored a chemical engineering car team again. The tutoring job at Magdalena School has been going well, and I am becoming recognized as a successful tutor. I have also been tutoring at West Mesa High and John Adams Middle, and so that has been fun. I did some online tutoring as well through Insta-EDU. I also led a volunteer tutoring group at the Boys’ and Girls’ Ranch, which has been tremendous fun. Job-wise, the pay hurts, but the jobs have been fantastic.

House-wise, I was able to close out one storage unit, though some of that was transferred to my house. I fixed several switches in the house, hung up some wall decorations, towel holders and cup hooks. I moved the shed to the slab and am in the process of setting it up for reloading. I have a roof on order, and that will be put in place soon.

Pet-wise, our pets are all doing well. I take Dog-Dog on runs, and miss the animals when I am in Socorro.

Vehicle-wise, this year has been tough, but things are looking up. The Malibu crossed 358,000 miles this year, after having some major problems in Texas. At this point, it is limited to local service around New Mexico, as I don’t trust it for long distances. I replaced it with a 2006 Crown Victoria Police Interceptor, which I’ve had since May. I’ve already put 30,000 miles on it. JoAnna put a new (used) motor in the Volvo due to an oil problem, and a new (used) motor in the van due to a head gasket problem. In December, my father gave me his 2000 Ford Ranger (or rather I bought it for $1), though I will not pick it up until Spring Break.

Travel-wise, we went to Denver in March, Phoenix in July and October, and Los Angeles in November for Landmark related events. I attended the Regional AIChE Conference in Boulder, CO, in April, the National AIChE Conference in Salt Lake City, UT, in November, and National Instruments Week in Austin, TX, in August. We also did a workshop in California in June, and I traveled to CT for the ARRL’s Teachers Institute II in July. I had a 9 day storm chase in Texas, Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. All said and done, I traveled through: NM, AZ, CA, UT, CO, NE, KS, OK, TX, LA, MO, IL, IN, OH, KY, WV, MD, VA, NC, SC, DE, GA, AL, FL, MS, TN, PA, NY, CT, and NJ this year (30 states).

Health-wise, my weight has been going down, though I haven’t weighed myself since before Christmas and all of Mom’s cookies. I still battle soy, and have had a difficult time with it over the holidays. I continued running and biking this year, as well as became the official faculty advisor for the Parkour club at NMT. I have been playing with the FitBit (or rather four of them, as I lost three), and that has helped significantly.

Radio-wise, I did not operate nearly as much as I would have liked to. I had planned to operate from 100 new counties, which I did. Otherwise, most of my radio goals were not met due to power supply and antenna issues throughout the fall semester. I also had to repair the FT-857 over the summer, and that hurt as well.

Garden-wise, my garden was quite disappointing again this year, though I like my new layout. We had quite a bit of rain before we left for a trip to the east coast, and once I left, the rain slowed. I did not adjust the soaker hoses and timers for the new, drier conditions, and my plants suffered.

Reading-wise, I read 280 magazines and e-zines, 8 books, and 69 books of the Bible (completed it in under a year). My book reading was reduced due to spending a bunch of time in one book, but then having to return it to the library before I finished. I would like to read more over the next year.

Writing-wise, I wrote 423,800 words on blogs, journals, and miscellaneous notes. I have been updating my blogs, and have a more organized plan for updates this upcoming year. I also did not complete the NaNoWriMo, stopping at around 43,000 words. I did, however, produce a complete story that I like, and am currently editing. I also submitted one article for publication in QST, though they want me to write a different article instead.

Hobby-wise, I did not do nearly enough camping this year. In fact, I did none. I did very little shooting as well. I am trying to set up my schedule this semester so that I can shoot air rifle practice, at least.

2015 was a good year for me, and I will make 2016 a great year.

Thank you for reading my post!


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