12/23/15: Daily Post

The weather has been rainy and nasty all day yesterday. I slept in.

In the early afternoon, I took the Ford Ranger for a test drive. My father bought a new truck, and is giving me his old truck. I will pick it up in the spring, but I took it for a test drive yesterday. It has been over 15 years since I last drove a stick shift on a regular basis, so I had to relearn what to do with my left foot.

In the later afternoon, we watched an episode of Modern Family, which was less than mediocre. I liked zero of the characters, and the plot was stupid. We also watched Star Wars Episodes III and IV. I had never seen Episode III, and though I liked it better than Episode II, but it was still not as good as Star Wars IV, V, and VI.

In the evening, I also posted to my weather blog about the tornadoes in Mississippi.

I also posted about a Futuro House in my Industrial Archaeology blog.

Thank you for reading this post.


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