12/22/15: Daily Post

I have been in VA since Monday night, and I am having a great time. Yesterday, we volunteered at the Storehouse food bank in Fredericksburg, as we do any Tuesday or Thursday every time we are in town. After working in the Storehouse, we had lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, and then did some Christmas shopping.

In the evening, we watched Home Alone 2 and relaxed. I ate far too many cookies, and will continue to do so for several more days, I’m sure.

The weather has been rainy and gross, unfortunately. I had great plans of walking through the woods and driving around the Ranger. My parents are giving me their old truck, and it is a stickshift. I used to drive a stick years ago, but haven’t done it in almost 20 years. In the rain, with a light rear-end, it will be harder to relearn, but not impossible.

Thank you for reading this post.


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