12/13/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a relaxing, yet productive day for me. I started out the day by posting about the weather in my weather blog, as well as updating several other blogs (cars and radio). I also added several archived news pages from an old blog.

A real quick comment: I have been adding old news blogs from my old website. So far, I have added posts from Summer and Fall of 2001 and Spring of 2002. Back then, I based my year on the three semesters of school; I guess I still do that today. Back then I was quite bitter as well, as you can tell by reading these posts. I also spent more time posting back then than I do today. Even so, my “deep” thoughts weren’t so deep and had far less content than my posts now.

I think my friends and I were a whiny bunch, based on those posts. Even so, I wanted to save them before the old webpage went away entirely. It does capture a period of time in my life, even if it’s not one that I’m super proud of.

Outside of posting on the blog, I also did some housework. I’ve had a stack of old laundry that has needed care for over two years. I knocked that out, as well as hung up some baseball pennants, moved a few things to the shed and hung up Christmas lights outside.

After all of that, I applied for a summer internship through the USGS and compulsively checked my grades. I have not received final grades yet for my Tropical Meteorology class or my Spanish class, but I have been receiving grades for projects earlier in the semester for my Tropical Meteorology class. So far, I have earned 100% grades on all of those.

I have also been updating my classwork for ES405L. I made some corrections and have been working through the content for that class.

In the evening, we talked about travel plans for the next week. We know that we will leave Friday and return before the 4th of January, and that we will visit MD, VA, and OH, but other than that, everything is open for discussion.

Thank you for reading my post.


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