12/10/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was my last day down at NMT and Magdalena for the semester, and for 2015. I had a lot of follow-up to do, and a lot of cleaning up.

I started the morning by finishing out my Tropical Meteorology exam. I think I did well, but only time will tell.

After that, I did my final day of tutoring in Magdalena. I said goodbye and Merry Christmas to them, and the boys there all hoped I got a haircut for Christmas. The girls didn’t.

In the afternoon, I went to the fall senior design presentations. Each year, I am able to follow more and more of these presentations. There were six groups, all of which gave a presentation, and I understood almost everything. I am more willing to ask questions now than in years past, and have been exchanging emails with the other professors all morning about some of the things I didn’t understand.

In the evening, I cleaned up my office. I cleaned out my fridge, packed my bags, and brought home a few projects to work on through the holidays.

On the way home, I followed a drunk driver for over 50 miles. I called the drunk driver line on three occasions, but they couldn’t catch up to him, or at least didn’t when I exited for home. I hope they got him; he was surely going to cause an accident.

Thank you for reading my post.


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