10/13/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I commuted down to Socorro in the Malibu. It was Columbus Day, so most of the services (buses/trains) were not running, or on an inconvenient schedule. Magdalena was closed, but NMT was not, so I still had to commute.

I did enjoy the day off from Magdalena, however, and got quite a lot of things done around the department instead. I took the extra time and prepared my lecture, homework and classwork for the instrumentation lab for the next several weeks. I also started working in our “Maker Space” to organize things there.

After lunch, I went to Unit Operations lab and worked there while helping the students with their assignments. I ended up washing a ton of glassware as well as repairing a broken piece on the absorption column.

In the evening, I shot at air rifle practice, which I had not done at all yet this semester. I did well, considering I hadn’t shot in air rifle since April. I shot a 159/200 3X prone and a 156/200 2X sitting.

In the evening, I got to see my new nephew, who is finally home from the hospital. I had dinner with the family there and fell asleep on the couch at some point soon after dinner and festivities.

Thank you for reading this post.


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