10/3/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went for a run in the morning. It was not my best time, but I finished a mile anyway.

In the afternoon, I went to the Rock and Mineral Show in Albuquerque with my girlfriend and son. We had a good time, and I always enjoy going to rock shows. When I was in third and fourth grade, I spent a lot of my time searching for rocks for my collection, and so I really like going to large shows like this where there are tons of rocks to see.

In the evening, I picked up a few groceries, including some thermal paste for remounting a heat sink in my laptop. I have one laptop that overheats, and it is because the fan has stopped working. I have a replacement fan and heat sink, but have been unable to put it back in place, as I wanted some of this paste to improve the heat transfer.

After that, I fell asleep early, much to my dismay. I still have a lot of work to do.

Thank you for reading my post.


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