9/24/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was super-busy and super awesome. It started out by taking the train and shuttle to Socorro. From there, I got in the Crown Vic and went to AVID tutoring in Magdalena.

Tutoring was good; Thursday is always a good day. The students are excited for the weekend (they don’t have school on Fridays), and I also have most of the day to spend there. I also sometimes stop by M&M Cafe for lunch, which is always delicious.

After AVID tutoring, I drove to campus and picked up three students (plus another five rode in a separate vehicle) to tutor at the Boys and Girls Ranches. It was our first tutoring session this year, and it went well.

After tutoring there, I came back to campus and worked on several projects around the department. I finished setting up a few things around a freshman lab that will happen next week, as well as cleaned up a few things in several of the lab spaces.

At one point, I went outside, and who should be there but the Parkour Club. I joined them, and we ran amuck around campus. We played tag, but we played that you were only allowed to touch certain terrains, forcing you to climb, jump, roll, etc., to escape. It was a good time, and I definitely felt the workout.

After that, I went back to my office and did some Spanish homework, then drove home late at night. It was a good, productive day!

Thank you for reading this post.


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