9/23/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day! I spent the morning at Magdalena running tutorials for the AVID classes. After that, I rushed back to Socorro for a department meeting, and then I was off to Unit Operations lab.

Unit Operations lab is about to get a lot better! I bought quite a few supplies that I’ve needed for a while to improve a few of the processes, including a new pressure gauge for the distillation column, a new glass syringe for the absorption column, and more thermocouples for the batch reactor. I will need to get these set up over the next few weeks.

I also ordered some supplies to start our new Chemical Engineering maker space. I wanted to get plenty of protective equipment, so I will look forward to receiving that soon.

After work, I took the buses and trains home. I read quite a bit of my Spanish textbook on the trip, and have spent this evening working on homework for that class. I also updated the “Home(s)” tab to include my childhood home, Westminster, MD.

In the evening, I worked on fractions with Joey. He was having trouble with them, and has not been taking notes in class. I showed him a better way to take notes (Cornell Notes), and will review them tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my post.


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