9/4/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustrating and slightly sad day for me.

I drove the Malibu back to Socorro and worked at NMT yesterday. I spent almost the entire day trying to get a pH measurement system running, and have still had no luck. I have calls out to National Instruments and so hopefully, they will have some more information. Right now, I can read voltage between -200 mV and 200 mV on a standard voltmeter. However, if I plug the pH probe into any NI equipment, the voltage barely changes with response to pH. The change is small enough that it is lost in the noise, which is periodic.

I eventually gave up, and decided to use a commercial pH meter with a RS-232 port and software. I downloaded the software, only to find that the commercial meter I once had is missing.

In the evening, I learned that my grandfather’s house sold. He built that house, and it was perhaps one of the only constant places in my life growing up (We were “going to move” for around 5 years before we did). I talk of spending time on the farm, which was really the week or so that I spent each summer at his house, working in his really large garden. However, even though it has crossed my mind many times to move back there, it really wasn’t for me.

Now, I have too much to do and too little time. We may go to the Chile Festival, but everyone wanted to go today, and I have too much going on today. Perhaps we will go tomorrow.

Thank you for reading my post.


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