8/5/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, we concluded our three week, east coast road trip. We arrived in Rio Rancho around 1 pm, unloaded the car, and began dealing with the types of minor emergencies that you can expect to ddeal with after having been away for three weeks. We checked the mail, watered plants that looked sad, and picked produce from the garden. Our pets were happy to see us too, and Wilhelmina meowed so much that she became hoarse.

Speaking of produce, here is what I found in my garden:


In the afternoon, I did some grocery shopping and cooking.

In the evening, we attended a Landmark Seminar. I am really having a good time with this particular seminar called, “The Landmark Forum in Action.” The Landmark Forum happens in a weekend, and this particular seminar breaks down the tools and covers them more slowly, over the course of ten sessions (over around three months).

Thank you for reading my post.


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