8/3/15: Daily Post

We arrived in Austin, TX, around 2 am. I went to bed almost immediately, as I had an exam due at 11 am, and the NI Week – Academic Forum from 8:30 am until 7 pm.

I woke up and took the exam. When I hit the “submit” button, the page errored out. I emailed the professor to let him know what happened, and later received an email that my exam had arrived.

The Academic Forum was good, as usual. I heard speakers, mostly mechanical engineering professors, talk about some of the things they are trying in their classes. The big push is for design project-based learning, which I tend to agree is a better approach to learning. Also, the implementation of “maker-spaces” is becoming popular. Students get the hands-on experience that they aren’t receiving in traditional classrooms, and the design experience of actually creating and implementing a plan.

After the Academic Forum, I toured the Exhibit Hall for a while, and caught up to a few old friends. I took a quick photo of the exhibit hall, just to show the scale of the event.


I left the Austin Convention Center annd walked to the water. Apparently, there are over a million bats that live under the Congress Bridge, and they all come out at around the same time. It was too dark for my cell phone camera, but here are people liined up on the bridge waiting for the bats.


There were quite a few bats that all launched out in a short amount of time. There was also a shortage of mosquitoes, even though this is eastern Texas, near semi-stagnant water.

After watching the bats, I picked up a few items at Walmart, and then ran some laundry before calling it a night.

Thank you for reading my post.


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