7/8/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I ran a major errand in Los Lunas. It took up most of the morning, but I think some good things came from this errand.

It was too soggy to go for a run yesterday morning anyway. Not only that, there was a large stray dog running loose in the neighborhood, so I wasn’t thrilled about running or biking.

I played on 20 meters (amateur radio) again today, making quite a few contacts across Minnesota, South Carolina and Texas. In the dead time between contacts, I did some writing and some housework. I added a few photos from Bear Lake, UT, to this blog (under excursions).

In the evening, I went to a Landmark Seminar. After the seminar, I hung out with Jessica and Josephine, friends of mine from this seminar and several other Landmark events.

I drove home in a thunderstorm and am now getting ready for bed.

Good night, and thank you for reading my post.


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