6/15/15, 6/16/15: Daily Post

I am a little late posting tonight. I added a few more excursions to the link list, including a trip to Palo Duro Canyon, TX, a few years back.

Otherwise, yesterday was mostly uneventful. I worked on some homework for my Applied Climatology class and did some writing. I ran for a little over a mile, and did some parkour.

My major accomplishment yesterday was topping out 100,000 steps for the week:

fitbit 103000 6-15-15

Today, I did a bunch of housework and hung a few things on the wall. I have been hanging bike license plates in our hall way and regular license plates near the wood stove.

Exercise-wise, I ran for a mile and a half, did some parkour, and then rode my bike down (and then back up) the big hill here along Southern.

This evening, as I was biking down the big hill, I noticed the thunderstorm at sunset over the Sandia Mountains. I turned around, biked back up the hill, and then hopped in my car and took some lightning photos.

lightning 6-16-15

Thank you for reading my post.


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