5/27/15: Daily Post

I was busy adding more content to this page. If you check the Excursions tab, there are new excursions under National Parks (Natural Bridges, Grand Canyon South Rim), Scenic Drives (Mokee Dugway), and several baseball games.

After playing on the website, I went to the junkyard to find a few more parts for my car. I turned up empty handed, so I returned home and worked in my garden instead.

Right before dark, I went for a 3.7 mile bike ride. Tomorrow, I will fix my son’s bike tires so that we can ride together.

Stay tuned, as I am dumping content from my old website onto this website as fast as I can. I also updated my weather blog, SIA blog, amateur radio blog, and gardening blog, so check those out as well.

Thank you for reading my post!


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