5/17/15: Daily Post

The last 24 hours have been frustrating, to say the least. I found out last night that my debit card had been compromised, and turned off. I found this out while trying to get gasoline during a severe thunderstorm that was bearing down on Wichita Falls, TX. Instead of making a well-planned escape, I had to track down an ATM and get cash before the storm hit; and before the bank closed their office for the evening.

After that, having only cash, I found it hard to find a hotel. I ended up sleeping in my car on the west side of Amarillo. That part actually worked out well.

This morning, my car died. The harmonic balancer has a rubber part that filled up with oil from my leaky engine. Once it was full of oil, it expanded and popped the harmonic balancer apart. I was able to limp it to a shop (believe it or not) a few hundred yards away. I am now waiting for the repair, with limited funds (due to my card being stolen).

I sound like every bum who has ever tried to borrow money. I did figure it out though, and the repair shop should have me on the road tomorrow. It will be a story I tell for years to come!

I also had a very good storm chase yesterday. It kinda makes up for the issues I had. I posted the full bit on my storm chase blog, but here is one photo of the Wichita Falls, TX, supercell I saw:

5-16-15 supercell 03

Good night, and thank you for reading my post!


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