4/29/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I attended the NIDeveloper’s Day in Albuquerque. As usual, it was a good time and I learned quite a bit this year. I took excellent notes and attended a number of really good sessions.

A good part of National Instruments seems to be geared towards the Internet of Things. I hate the term, but the results are evident. It is how to make embedded systems play nice together, now that everything is moving towards integration and automation. As computers become cheaper and more capable, more industrial equipment is automated, and more decisions made by computer. As internet and radio infrastructure improves, more of these embedded systems are connected wirelessly.

Part of the challenge is dealing with the massive amounts of data generated by these systems. In the past, the limitation has been generating data, but the new challenge is not data collection, but rather data processing. I think that statstical analysis will become more important in the future.
I also worked in my garden yesterda I planted acorn squashh, hot banana peppers and tomatillos. I also bought a black cherry tree and will plant it this weekend.

In the evening, I took my Severe WX final exam. I am thinking I got a B in the class overall.

Thank you for reading this post.


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