Busy Week

This week has been crazy. I had a quarter-time exam due for Severe Weather, a massive homework assignment for Dynamics, a writing assignment for Science Writing, and Junior and Senior Design Presentations. I also gave the final exam for my class as well.

Logistics were awesome as well this week. I tried to work out a way to minimize the number of trips I made to Socorro. One night, I fell asleep in my office, and worked out how to get clothes and shower on campus. It’s been busy!

This week will be the final push in the rest of my classes. I have two finals due, a final paper to write, and I bought a dishwasher this evening. I will need to do a car repair and set up my garden this weekend, as well as start gearing up for my storm chase and start cleaning my house for when my parents visit in a few weeks.

I don’t think things are going to get less busy until July or so.

Thank you for reading my post!


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