4/15/15: Daily Post

I had to update yesterday’s post, as I had posted it under the wrong date.

Yesterday, I spent the day tutoring at Magdalena. On Wednesdays, I spend about half the day doing AVID tutooring, and the other half doing traditional tutoring. We had some extra time, so I challenged the students to name all 50 states, which they were eeventually able to do.

After tutoring at Magdalena, I did some tutorinng at the Ranches. There, I worked with the students on algebra for most of the time.

I submitted my Dynamics homework and started working on my application to the ARRL Teacher’s Institute. I have a few more questions to answer on the intro survey, and then I need to print it out. I will finish this up this afternoon, and knock that off my to do list.

I am having trouble with my sugar, I think. I sometimes fall asleep and wake up really “tingly” in my finger tips. I’m also convinced something in my routine has soy, but it isn’t explicitly listed as an ingredient on anything I can find.

I thought there was a NMT Parkour Club run last night, but I never did see them. I won’t do it this afternoon, so I just miss out this week.

Thank you for reading my post.


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