4/8/15, 4/9/15: Daily Posts

I have been getting slack about posting again. However, I am working on that with a new project concerning my to do lists.

I still have a million to do lists, and some of them are weak and some are strong in certain areas. Recently, I have been playing with HabitRPG for dealing with developing good habits and breaking bad habits, as well as knocking out daily chores and maintaining my house. However, the “To Do” portion in this interface has always been weak. There is no way to conveniently address a timeframe for these events. Instead, I populate the list with so many things that HabitRPG becomes slow and cumbersome to use.

In the past, I’ve had a daily, weekly and monthly to do list in Excel. I basically used this list to beat myself up for things I’ve missed. It wasn’t helpful. HabitRPG was much more fun, and much easier to deal with the positive side of things. The weekly list was a nuisance, as it was really easy to let larger projects slide, and the first hour of my first work day each week was populating this list.

I had a daily to do list in Excel, but I found it hard to keep track of longer term projects. Instead, I managed to get a lot of little tasks done each day, but nothing longer term or bigger than could be done in a day.

I used Gantt Chart for a while, but found that I was trying to do too much at once, and I spent a lot of time configuring the chart, rather than knocking out tasks.

What I am playing with now is using an Excel spreadsheet to populate my “To Do” list in HabitRPG. Each day, I add a few tasks (some of which are smaller tasks towards larger goals), and knock them out. I have all of the fun of HabitRPG, with less of the beating myself up for not completing everything. When I wake up, there are a few left over items in the “To Do” list that get taken care of first.

Hopefully, this works out.

Thank you for reading my post. What do you do to manage your tasks?


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