2/6/15: Daily Post

Today, I ran errands around Albuquerque. My first stop was the Albuquerque Public School office to see what else was required to finish my background check. I recently did a background check for Magdalena, so I just need to get some of the information copied for Albuquerque.

My second stop was to turn in paperwork for the Order of the Engineer. One of my former students nominated me to join, and I agreed. The induction ceremony is later this month, and I had to submit all of my paperwork in person at UNM, where the local office is located.

After that, I had some lunch at the Olympia Cafe, a Greek restaurant on Central. It was great, as usual. I don’t often eat here, as I am not normally nearby when it is open, so I was glad to have the opportunity.

Then, I made the mistake of visiting Ron Peterson’s gun store, you know, just to look. $170 later, I had a used Thompson Center contender barrel in 7mm TCU and some mini 12 gauge shells that I will test sometime in the upcoming weeks.

I came home, cooked dinner and worked on some of my homework.

Thank you for reading my post!


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