1/27/15: Daily Post

Yesterday was busy. I spent a good part of the day working on my Dynamic Meteorology homework, as well as my Severe Weather homework, outside of classes and tutoring/teaching responsibilities.

I had Science Writing class in the morning, and we read an article about Einstein that was written in 1929 for Popular Science. The idea of this article was to show that there are scientists out there, solving the mysteries of the universe, and that their findings are way too complicated for the average person.

After that, I tutored at Magdalena, listening to ten meters along the way, but making no contacts.

In the afternoon, I taught my instrumentation class with some success. I think the class went well, and the students were actively engaged in their projects.

Outside of these times, it was homework, homework, homework. I did play “Who Shook Hook?” with my nephew. “Who Shook Hook?” is a game like Operation, where you try to remove things without waking up the pirate. In this case, the pirate is asleep on a hammock (suspended by rubber bands), surrounded by treasures. You try to remove the treasure without dumping him out of the hammock. It’s a fun game for a kid, and a fun game for an adult (if you like trash-talking the other adults!)

Thank you for reading my post!


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