1/9/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I slept in a bit, having knocked off most of my to do list the day before. When I went into work, I started working on the missing licenses for different software packages. LabVIEW and ChemCAD are often a pain to deal with, as LabVIEW comes from the university, and ChemCAD requires that I email a code and then receive a code later.

In any event, the computers have ChemCAD. LabVIEW took me down another rabbit hole. I met with the ITC department about getting more LabVIEW licenses, and they are suggesting that we rebuild our lab to work on the wired network instead of the wireless. I am mostly for their proposal. They also showed me what they envisioned for the future, and I liked it. They want to set things up such that you have an image of a computer with all the software you need. You can log in from a dumb terminal, or perhaps your own device (BYOD, finally!) and use what you need.

I’m for it, though I want to make sure it’s not all talk. I’d also have to see the price tag, and what it means for IT in our department.

I left work and rode up to Albuquerque to attend a Landmark classroom, which is always a good time.

Thank you for reading my post!


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