Daily Posts: 12/15/14-12/19/14

I have been really lazy about posting! I have delayed my posts because I wanted to dump my photos. I will do that, but I want to go ahead and post some of the events from the past few days.

On Monday, 12/15, we drove from Rio Rancho, NM, to Garland, TX. We arrived around 1 am and got settled in the Motel 6 room. The room itself looked fancy; it had hardwood floors and modern fixtures. However, nothing in the room worked correctly. The fridge did not work, and so I ended up leaving our food in the cooler, as it was cold enough outside to keep the food cold. When I tried to return to the room, the door lock had stopped working. I had to get the hotel staff to reprogram the lock to let me in.

On Tuesday, 12/16, we drove from Garland, TX, to Nashville, TN. We stopped at two Futuro houses, one in Rockwall, TX, and one in Royce City, TX. I will have a separate post dedicated to this style of architecture. We drove through I-30 and some Arkansas highways, as we had never traveled these routes. I made quite a few contacts on the radio, all of which were from new counties for me.

On Wednesday, 12/17, we started the day by having lunch with my cousin and his wife. I had never met his wife, and I hadn’t seen him since 2005. We had a great time catching up. After that, we drove from Nashville, TN, to Winchester, VA, making a few detours off I-40 to drive through new counties. I passed Virginia Tech on my way to Winchester, which brought back a whole host of memories.

On Thursday, 12/18, I met my old neighbor, Matthew, and his girlfriend at Antietam Battlefield in Maryland. I had lived about an hour from this battlefield for ten years, and never visited it. Matthew has been interested in Civil War history, so we decided to meet here and tour the battlefield. I will have a separate post with photos from this trip. It was quite the pivotal battle, for the history of the war and this country. After the battlefield, we followed Matthew to Timonium and met up with another old neighbor, Tim, who had heard I would be in town. After that, we picked up my girlfriend at BWI and drove over to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to stay at my grandfather’s house.

On Friday, 12/19, we drove into Delaware and saw two more Futuro houses, one in Milton, DE, and one in Houston, DE. Then we chatted with Grandpa until it was time to go to bed.

Like I say, there will be more posts with photos in the future. Thank you for reading my post, and stay tuned!


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