12/8/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was my first week without real responsibilities on campus. I attended a few directed study presentations and then a department meeting.

Our internet went down, and then my work desktop stopped working all together, as an unrelated failure. I ended up finishing out the day using my laptop instead of my work computer.

I commuted to and from work on the bus, train and shuttle system that I used to use every week. This semester was a little more intense, and after picking up more work in Magdalena, I ended up driving more often than taking the bus system. It was nice to get back to the public transportation system, where I am free to take a nap or work on school work during my commute.

I need to finish out my final exam. I will do that today. Then, Wednesday, I will have concrete poured. I have quite a bit to do between now and then, and I will eventually give up and go to bed soon.

Thank you for reading my post!


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