11/11/14, 11/12/14, 11/13/14: Daily Posts

Once again, this week has been hectic and I have not updated nearly as often as I had intended.

On Tuesday, I tutored for several hours and then I taught a decent lecture on statistics and designing experiments. I am really enjoying the meteorology lectures this semester. I have been learning all sorts of new things, and have been reinforcing concepts that I knew, but perhaps not as well as I might.

On Wednesday, I finished out some quizzes for meteorology (I got a 90% and a 100% on them). After that, I worked with my chemical engineering car team. For what it is worth, 0.1 molar HCl does not remove the liner in aluminum cans. After that, I attended a presentation by a former student who has graduated and is working in industry. Much to the dismay of my students, she said her biggest regret as an undergraduate was not taking a statistics class.

Today was a full day of tutoring at Magdalena. During lunch, I worked on my NaNoWriMo project. I just broke 10,000 words, even though I should be over 21,000, so I have a long ways to go. After tutoring at Magdalena, I drove back to Socorro and met up with a few NMT students to tutor at the Boys’ and Girls’ Ranch. I tried to find folks from the Parkour club, but given the colder-than-usual temperatures, perhaps they had not practiced very late tonight.

Overall, it has been a busy few days.

Thank you for reading my post.


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