11/9/14, 11/10/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was hectic and stressful, but overall worthwhile.

I went for a run with Dog-Dog first thing in the morning. He pulled me along for the first half a mile, but then I pulled him along for the last half a mile, plus walking back down the hill. Even so, we both had a great time, and I ran my fastest time up the hill.

Later, I did some homework, including a practice presentation that was intense. All in all, it worked out.

Today, I took the buses and train to Socorro. My English class was cancelled, but I still found myself really busy with work around the lab. I installed ChemCAD on all but one computer (the license has not worked twice, I will try again tomorrow).

I also had a big mess to clean up in Unit Operations when a fitting failed on the water purification system. It sprayed water everywhere and required help from the entire team. Overall, it was a lot of fun in spite of it being a mess.

I posted a monthly update just before this post, so be sure to check that out as well.

Thank you for reading my post!


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