10/24/14: Daily Post

I had a busy day yesterday. I had an English essay rough draft due in the morning, which I finished up right before class, in typical procrastinator fashion.

I also worked on a second essay, my entry to the Atlas Shrugged Writing Contest, as well. The topic I chose (from the list) was on the Robin Hood speech by Ragnar Danneskjold. The speech was about the connection between himself, a pirate, a policeman, and the legend of Robin Hood. The original legend had Robin Hood stealing from the rulers who had stolen their property by force from the peasants. The altered version was that Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. At first glance, this is a subtle difference, but upon further inspection the whole nature of Robin Hood changes if you accept the second legend. In the first, he returned property to its rightful owner, justice being a virtue towards a standard of value where property has a rightful owner. In the second, he stole from the rich and gave to the poor, making the standard of value need, and that is what Ragnar was against.

I tied up some loose ends of my instrumentation project. I’ll post more about that on Monday, but I got around the missed data by having LabVIEW convert each sample to a number. If the number was zero, it would not exit a data acquisition loop. If it was not zero, but the output string was the incorrect length, it would not exit the loop, either. The teaching assistant for the class tested it as well, and neither of us had any issues.

I also did some assisting for Landmark, which is always a good time.

Anyway, I am going to work on a few more things this morning. Have a good day, and thank you for reading my post!


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