10/15/14, 10/16/14: Daily Post

Wednesday was a busy day for me. I turned in my two exams, one for Thermodynamic Meteorology and one for Physical Meteorology. The rest of the day was spent nervously checking the course website to see if the grades had been released. They weren’t.

After the exams, I went to Unit Operations Lab, and had trouble focusing on much while I waited for those grades.

After Unit Operations Lab, I did some homework for Landmark and worked on next week’s lecture and classwork for ES405L.

I watched Grumpier Old Men at my brother’s house. Grumpy Old Men was slightly better, but both movies are good. They are about the only ones from that genre that I like.

Yesterday, I helped the students clean out a shed for the department. We found the department solar powered car and they are anxious to get started on repairing it. It came up again at an advisory board meeting later that day as well. I think it would be really cool to get it running again.

I received a message about the meteorology exams, one of which said the grades were “not good.” They still weren’t posted. My worry level went up a notch.

By the evening, the grades were posted. I earned an 89% on both exams, so I can’t complain.

Thank you for reading my post.


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