9/30/14, 10/1/14: Daily Post

Yesterday, I conducted two decent labs. The lecture topic was on analog to digital conversion, and in lieu of a separate lab activity, I had them work on their projects. The lecture was dry, but I think they had fun completing their projects.

I went to my brother’s house, but went to sleep soon after dinner. I was no fun at all, and perhaps I will do better tomorrow.

Today, I received 100% grades on both my Physical Meteorology quiz and my Thermodynamic Meteorology quiz. It’s hard to believe that next week will be the 2nd quarter exams in each of those courses, and the week after that is the midterm!

After that, I knocked quite a few projects off my to do list, and then led a good unit operations lab. There were no spills, crazy fumes, or out-of-control heating blankets this week.

On the commute home, I chatted with a few friends, which is always nice. There was almost a fight on the city bus, as some jerk got in the bus driver’s face about how he was late and needed her to drive faster, but the whole bus jumped up to defend the bus driver, so he sat down.

My shoelace broke, so I had to stop at Walmart this evening and get a replacement. Now, I’m running a few loads of laundry and doing a little housework.

Thank you for reading my post.


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