9/29/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was a busy day.

I developed most of a lesson on analog to digital conversion, and have only a few minor things to finish up today for my lesson at 2:00pm and then again at 4:00pm.

We threw a surprise birthday party for one of the professors. Her birthday was Friday, but our department meetings are Monday, so we caught her totally by surprise. We used to throw birthday parties when I first started in the department, so I think it was fun to start that again.

After that, Iled the Unit Operations Lab. I spoke with the professor about what went wrong during last Wednesday’s lab, and he explained where the students had miscalculated. They did their calculations by volume instead of including molarity in their calculations. They used too much of each reactant, and that is why the room filled up with a nasty vapor last time.

After that, I took a brief tour of the Materials Science and Engineering department, the department where I did my Master’s Degree. I hadn’t been in the building in a long time, and figured I would cut through and take a quick look around. I heard the distinct sound of many liters a minute of gas flow. Someone was running the thermal spray booth, where I had spent oh so many hours of my prime years. I walked in and found that the spray system was entirely different, thanks to a few donations from Sandia and K-Tech. I spoke with the lab manager and one of the grad students working on some research, and was excited at what had happened since I had left. There was now flame spray, wire flame spray, and cold spray, in addition to the plasma spray setup I had used. It was mostly under computer control now, and had a real spray booth instead of the hole in the wall and make-shift fume hood I had used. It was a real spray booth.

After this, I commuted home and fell asleep far too quickly. I think I spent around 10 minutes talking to my family before collapsing on the bed, fully clothed.

Thank you for reading this post!


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