9/26/14, 9/27/14: Daily Post

On Friday, I had a busy day at NMT. I was able to grade some papers and update a lecture for next week. I started rebuilding a computer for the Unit Operations lab, and cleaned off my desk. I also turned in an essay for my English class.

After work, I rode up to Albuquerque with a friend to attend the Introduction Leaders Program for Landmark. I drove around afterwards for an hour or so to reflect upon what I’d learned.

Today started with a run along a path on the West Mesa. I was not fast, but it was good to get out and run again. While waiting for my girlfriend to return, I updated a few things on my weather blog and read through some email.

After running, I refilled the salt in my water softener and repaired a coaxial connection on my vertical amateur radio antenna.

I had to run to Radio Shack and Albertson’s. Along the way, I made several amateur radio contacts in the Maine QSO Party and the Texas QSO Party.

Thank you for reading my post!


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