9/21/14, 9/22/14: Daily Post

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went for a brief hike on the backside of the Sandia Mountains. You can read more about it on my
Sandia Geology.

Other than the hiking, I did a little housework and turned out a few of my weather predictions. I repaired a leaky valve on my camel back and cleaned some of the trash from my car.

Today, I received my English essay back from the instructor. The instructor’s teaching assistant is a harsh grader, but I ended up with a 92%. I can make corrections over the next week and resubmit it for full credit.

Today was stormy along the I-25 corridor.

I managed to get to Radio Shack before they closed for a few lab supplies that I need for class tomorrow. I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to swing by and pick them up, but somehow I managed.

Anyway, I am getting ready for bed. I am making less and less sense on this blog tonight. I am yawning and craving some sleep. Thank you for reading my post, and good night!


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