9/19/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was a frustrating day. I screwed around when getting ready and missed the train. I drove to the next train station, only to see the train pulling up, and realizing I wasn’t going to make it in time, headed to the next train station. Same scenario there as well. Eventually, I gave up and drove to Socorro, even though I’d left at 10:30 the night before, and had a place to stay if I had wanted to do so.

After that, I worked on the department truck. It is a 1985 Chevrolet S-10. It was not starting, and I figured it needed a good cleaning and a jump. I spray cleaned the carburetor, beat the air cleaner until it was clean, and then tried to jump the truck. My cables didn’t reach, and there was no way to make them reach my car. I had to push the truck out of the parking space so that the cables would reach. As soon as I did, no less than eight vehicles from physical plant showed up to hang out in the parking lot. This parking lot is tight, but I’d never seen more than one vehicle park here. Naturally, as soon as the truck was backed out of the spot, there were more vehicles bouncing around and playing shuffle. I tried running the truck from my car battery, but it would not turn over. It tried, but it is not getting fuel or spark, and I’m not sure which. I had one of the folks from physical plant help me push the vehicle back into its spot.

After that, I worked on a few other things, but wasn’t feeling well. I did some homework for Landmark and then drove up to a Landmark meeting. I changed my pants in a parking lot (from dirty, worked-on-an-old-truck-all-day jeans to khakis) and then managed to bobble and drop my pen such that it drew a big line down my khakis.

Overall, yesterday sucked.

Thank you for reading my post about a sucky day yesterday. Today is already better.


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