9/17/14: Daily Post

Today was a largely uneventful day, other than the massive rainfall associated with Tropical Storm Odile. Socorro has had plenty of rain, and south and west of Socorro are having flooding problems. I wonder how much rain I had in Rio Rancho.

I started out the day by turning in my Physical Meteorology exam. I should know the grade on that any minute now, as the professor said they were graded. I earned a 90% on my Thermodynamic Meteorology exam, which is lower than I expected, but that’s okay.

We were assigned groups in my English class, and so we can start on our second essay soon. After class, I worked on the next homework and lesson for the instrumentation class I teach. Next week, they will start using a Stamp microcontroller, and I am writing up exactly what I want them to accomplish.

I also attended the presentations for Unit Operations class. I learned quite a bit about the processes they are studying, more so than in years past. Perhaps I was more receptive to it. The assignment was to make recommendations for the next group. Each group builds on what the last group did, so the presentations were a way to provide those recommendations. Most groups did not make recommendations, but instead reported the data they had collected.

This is a problem in most collegiate classes. I certainly wasn’t confident making decisions and recommendations as a college senior, either. However, making decisions and recommendations is what separates an engineer from a technician; the innovation is not taking the measurements, but rather in the interpretation of the data.

Anyway, food for thought this evening: how to teach students to make decisions and interpret data. I am not sure how to effectively bring this into the classroom and how to teach students how to analyze data critically and completely, but it needs to be done, nationwide.

Thank you for reading my blog.


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