8/21/14: Daily Post

I have been really busy with the beginning of the semester. Unit Operations Lab has been a fun experience thus far. I think it is going to be an interesting semester in that class. In the past, I have assisted with the class, and this semester, I will be leading it almost exclusively.

Radio-wise, I accidentally cut the coaxial cable going to my antenna while cutting down some weeds. I feel like a real idiot, but I will repair it this weekend. From my car, I did work the ARRL Special Event station in North Dakota, W1AW/0, so that helped me feel a little better.

My run this morning was slow and painful. I fell in a hole next to the sidewalk yesterday and screwed up my ankle. Today, my ankle hurts badly, at least when I try to run on it. I favored my right side during my morning run. I managed to run about a mile and then walk another two miles. I’ll walk some more later and try to walk it off.

I will go take care of a few more fun things today. I may try to donate plasma, but we’ll see if I get down there in time to do so. I think it pays $50, and I’ll likely spend that at Annapurna’s directly afterwards. If I don’t donate plasma, I’ll probably still go to Annapurna’s, so I might as well make it close to net zero cost.

Have a good day, and I hope you enjoyed this post!


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