8/7/14: Daily Post

Yesterday was a glorious day. I went to the next day of NI Week events, which included passing the Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) exam!

When I first started teaching at NMT back in 2008, one of the things on my agenda was to pass the CLAD. As it turns out, the CLAD is not necessary to teach the instrumentation class I am teaching, and it is not necessary to maintain the laboratory space, so it fell by the wayside. Three years ago, I took the exam on a whim and missed it by one question. After that, I worked at Intel, where I did not use LabVIEW at all.

There is still a lot of areas where I could improve my understanding. This is the first step in understanding LabVIEW as a architecture rather than just a way to read temperatures and voltages.

After that, I received the r1esults from my Synoptic Meteorology Final Exam- 90%, which gave me an A for the course! I am super excited about that, and super excited about my courses next semester. I will be taking Physical Meteorology and Thermodynamic Meteorology from Mississippi State, as well as English Composition I (yeah, I tested out of it in 1999 for my first BS) from New Mexico Tech.

I did manage to get locked out of my hotel room last night, which was annoying. I don’t mean I lost a key- I mean the security bar fell down, locking me in the room. Apparently, there is a tool called a “fork” for just such an occurrence, but we had to wake the maintenance guy and he had to find it.

Anyway, I’m at the last day of NI Week already. I can’t believe it has gone by so quickly. I love coming to this event, and I think I am going to make a point to come each year. I will spend the next year working towards the Certified LabVIEW Developer (CLD) and perhaps take that exam next year. I may also want to present during the Academic Forum.

I hope you enjoyed this post!


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