8/4/14: Daily Post

Today was my first day at NI Week 2014. It has been particularly useful this year.

I started the day at a truck stop in Post, TX and drove into town for the afternoon sessions. I had some things to take care of in Rio Rancho before I left yesterday, so I got a late start to Austin.

Today’s sessions were all of academic nature; most of the talks were on how different universities implemented LabVIEW in their classrooms. In particular, Case Western Reserve’s Chemical Engineering Department seems well equipped for taking LabVIEW measurements throughout their entire curriculum. I took plenty of notes during this presentation!

My hotel was a bit of a disaster. My room seemed nice at first, until I realized the bathroom had not been cleaned AND THE TOILET WAS CLOGGED WHEN I ARRIVED! Several lights were burned out. The laundry room and pool were both out of order. When I called to get a maintenance person to fix the toilet, they said I’d have to wait until morning. I argued about that, and they gave me a different room. This room is much nicer, and far less of a nuisance.

Speaking of rooms, someone needs to talk to these hotel folks and see about getting bigger desks. I’ve used mine up.

Tomorrow begins early, so I will say “good night” and log off.


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