May 2014: Monthly Summary

This month has been a little slow in terms of biking, reading and radio, but very good in terms of running and travels. I did my annual storm chase, and even had a customer with me- my very first business customer for High Plains Tours.

Radio-wise, I had problems with my HF radio and my VHF/UHF radio. Typically May is a great month for radio as I make many radio contacts storm chasing. This year, I had no radio whatsoever to use while storm chasing, so the contacts I made were pre-storm chasing.

I did not do as much a biking this month, but I did a lot of running. My bike tire in Rio Rancho shifted in the wheel and the wheel cut the valve stem of the tube. I had two more tubes, but they had the wrong valve. My Socorro bike was in good shape, but I was not in Socorro very much.

Reading Totals:
Books Read: 1
Bible Books Read: 1
Magazines Read: 11

Writing Totals:
Words: 28688
Daily Average: 925

Fitness Totals:
Soy-Free Days: 24
Average Hours of Sleep: 6.92
Average Wake up Time: 8:12
Miles Biked: 8.139
Average Steps per Day: 6738
Time Running: 1:09:00 (hr:min:sec)

Radio Totals:
HF QSOs: 9

San Antonio, TX


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