April 2014: Monthly Summary

This month’s summary took me a long time to compile due to an irritating setback- I had recorded many HF QSOs onto a tablet PC. This tablet was stolen, so I have no idea how many QSOs I actually made this month. I was able to pull 67 from the ones that I had already copied down, but the rest were lost.

I had fewer soy-free days, but I was also more critical of whether or not I had soy. I also did not run as much, but I did bike more. May is shaping up to be the opposite- more running and less biking.

Reading Totals:
Books Read: 1
Bible Books Read: 0
Magazines Read: 22

Writing Totals:
Words: 42406
Daily Average: 1414

Fitness Totals:
Soy-Free Days: 21
Average Hours of Sleep: 6.61
Average Wake up Time: 6:36
Miles Biked: 16.813
Average Steps per Day: 8989
Time Running: 6:00 (min:sec)

Radio Totals:
HF QSOs: 67

Quemado, NM


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