4/20/14: Daily Post

Happy Easter!

It has been a rough couple of days around here. I bought an Android tablet a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed having it. Friday, I left it in a shopping cart (I was using it as a shopping list and calculator). I realized this before I left the parking lot, but by the time I had doubled back to get it, it was already gone. I tried customer service a few times over the past few days, and it has never been returned.

I went to Verizon, remembered I was insured, and got another one. The biggest loss of my tablet, however, was the radio contacts I had made during the NM QSO Party- 60 voice recordings containing well over 100 contacts in 10 counties. Last year, I got 2nd place, and this year I stood to get 1st, except now I cannot turn in a log.

I might do Easter dinner with my brother and his family. We are deciding now whether we can pull it off. My girlfriend is in Santa Fe, and I am already supposed to drive south twice this week (this would make a third time).

I have been doing some gardening this week. I will post in my garden blog about my recent undertakings. Each time I go out there, I find more things to do, and the more I get done. I sure do enjoy my garden.

I also sanded an M1 rifle stock yesterday afternoon. That is another fun project. I enjoy wood working and am always finding new projects. Once I finish this one up, I have a dresser that needs refinishing, and then another night stand. I also have a crosscut saw handle that could be replaced. It’s a good thing that it is almost summer!

I hope you enjoyed my post!


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