4/17/14: Daily Post

Yesterday, I went to a marketing lunch and worked on my business a little bit. I have a long ways to go to make that successful, but it is a road worth traveling.  If you are thinking of going into business for yourself, thnk about everything you think that will be- and leave all of that at the door, because it will look totally different.

Today, I am at an all-day National Instruments event called “Developer Education Day.”  I have attended these on several occasions, and have always learned something new.  I have renewed my committment to passing my Certified LabVIEW  Associate Developer (CLAD) exam, so I am looking forward to learning more today.

Tomorrow, I am mostly free.  My plans fell through, so I will probably work in my garden.  I have some spinach that is struggling to survive, and my girlfriend just bought a rose bush with giant roses that needs planting.  Ilvoe working in the garden, so I am looking forward to getting to work.

I have been working on another side project, and I will submit a rough draft of that in the next few days.  I cannot say much about it yet, but just know that I am keeping busy.

Have a good day, and I promise that I will start posting more often.


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